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    PHOENIX, AZ, USA, March 25, 2016 — Al Jones Corporation, developer of the Lyrics Guru® platform, announced the launch of its playing card version of the song lyrics trivia game, Lyrics Guru®.

    On Lyrics Guru® playing card game, the winner is the first person to collect eight cards, one of each music genre.

    Gamers can purchase decks directly from the Lyrics Guru® web site at

    It has APHont (TM) type face for low vision, eight color barrier-free suits, embossed indicators and large 22, 24 and 36 font sized text.

    “We provided sample decks of the card game for beta testing to ten groups prior to the release of our retail version. The changes we made, based on their valuable feedback, are now available to consumers.” Al Jones, President of Al Jones Corporation said in a statement. “We are grateful to The Arizona Itinerant for Visually Impaired, Blind Veterans Association – Arizona Central Northern Regional Group, Cave Creek Unified School District #93, City of Tempe Diversity Office, Denny’s restaurant #6556 employees and game club members, Foundation for Blind Children, National Federation of the Blind of Arizona – East Valley Chapter, Phoenix VA Health Care System, Phoenix VA Health Care System, and Sweetwater School for all of their hard work and willingness to help create a product designed for those with low vision.” said Jones.

    Those with vision loss do not have to look further than Al Jones Corporation to develop a wide range of games in alternative formats.

    “We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience happiness,” said Jones. He said, “Our game was initially developed for the sighted as an Android and iOS app for mobile devices. Then, during a recent celebratory event for the disabled, we shared to a group of attendees that we have conducted internal meetings of developing a version of this game in alternative formats. We were made immediately aware of the limited selection of games publicly available to those with visual imparities. We accepted the challenge and developed the latest playing card version.”

    Al Jones Corporation also helps to inspire the spirit of entrepreneurialism in youth and adults to create user-friendly games. This is part of the larger focus the company has on developing empathy and promoting diversity on the workforce.

    “This initiative is built with the goal of empowering others with vision loss to experience happiness, whether it is receiving an Al Jones Corporation game from a friend or family member, or enjoying the game with them.” said Jones.

    The corporation also plans to grow its licensing business. It seeks to partner with producers of entertainment properties for television with a focus on song lyrics and trivia.


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    Al Jones Corporation, founded in 2012, develops user-friendly games. Headquartered in Phoenix, it developed Lyrics Guru® the first cross-platform and real-time song lyrics trivia game, where the player receives series of song titles with lists of words and the player must match the correct word found within the lyrics of the song.

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