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  • Al Jones Corporation Gets Exclusive Merchandise Reseller Deal

    Al Jones Corporation inks exclusive deal with Kindred Film House, LLC.

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  • Award Blanket Contract

    Al Jones Corporation which supplies user-customized promotional products was contracted to design the award blankets for the Price – Mitchell – Smith Family Reunion 2019. Learn more about our products and services at

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    Price- Mitchell - Smith Family Reunion 2019 award blanket
  • Become an Independent Sales Representative

    Become a representative; work where you want, when you want and earn over 40% commission (plus shipping bonus) on all card game sales!

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  • Watch Developer Demo Game for TV Show

    Look for Al Jones Corporation and the Lyrics Guru® brand at the Writing Sessions America Retreat in Atlanta, GA on October 28, 2017, where it invites you to participate in the demonstration of live game play for television game show production.

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    Al Jones
  • Al Jones Corporation Announces Launch of Lyrics Guru® Family Edition

    Al Jones Corporation announces launch of Lyrics Guru® Family Edition. The winner is the first person to collect eight cards, one of each The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hymn topic — Action, Christmas, Comfort, Commitment, Faith, Love, Missionary Work, and Praise.

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    Lyrics Guru(R)