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  • Local Game Developer and Denny’s Diner Brings Holiday Happiness to Game Club members with Low Vision

    Al Jones Corporation, is helping to ensure that teens and above experience the joy of the season, also. On Christmas night, 10:00 p.m., EST, the company is donating a deck of the jumbo sized playing card version of its song lyrics trivia game, Lyrics Guru®, to the game club which meets at Denny’s diner located at 1401 North 75th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85043.

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  • Al Jones Corporation Helps Visually Impaired

    Help manufacture and donate 500 jumbo sized playing card decks of a fun, song lyrics trivia game.

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  • Advocates See Advances in Assistive Technology

    Smart phones, too, are ripe for development in assistive technology. In Lyrics Guru, a video game app showcased at the fair, users have to guess the correct lyrics for a song. The company, Al Jones Corporation, is currently developing a voice-controlled version of the game for those who are blind or have low vision.

    “From our understanding, there are not many video games out there for those with visual challenges,” Al Jones, the company’s CEO, said.

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  • Al Jones Corporation Announces the iOS Launch of Lyrics Guru®

    Al Jones Corporation, developers of the Lyrics Guru platform, announced the iOS launch of its song lyrics trivia app.

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  • Al Jones Corporation announces the iOS launch of Lyrics Guru® has been delayed

    The launch of the iOS version of Al Jones Corporation’s song lyrics trivia game app, Lyrics Guru, has been delayed by a need for clarification to Apple about the app’s in-app purchases, casting a shadow on today’s release.

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