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  • Video Game App Lyrics Guru: Passionate Logophiles Master Music Genres

    PHOENIX, Feb. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Al Jones Corporation, developers of the Lyrics Guru platform, announced the scheduled launch of its song lyrics trivia app, Lyrics Guru (

    On February 8, 2015, at 6:08 p.m., CST, consumers will get the free song lyrics game on the App Store and Google play for their iOS and Android mobile devices respectively. “We wanted to coincide with the pre-Grammy gala for the 57th Annual Grammy awards held that same day,” said Al Jones, President, Al Jones Corporation.

    Commenting on the app, He said, “Lyrics Guru was created with passionate logophiles and competitive gamers in mind with extensive knowledge of lyrics. With song titles categorized in 21 genres, Video Game Lyrics Guru challenges gamers with the most extensive semantic memory to compete for the title of Lyrics Guru.”

    The player selects a genre; the prompt screen will display; the round will begin; a song title with the list of words will display; the round timer will begin with the display of eight seconds duration; the player selects a word in the list; and the point is given if the correct word is selected. The point is not given nor the correct word identified, if the wrong word is selected. After the word is selected the round ends. A new round is created until the required round quantity criterion for a successful or failed attempt to answer the correct word in the selected genre’s series is met. The player advances to a new level after answering eight correct words in a genre or has purchased a key to deduct from the quantity criterion. After eight levels are accomplished, the player is a Lyrics Guru.

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    About Al Jones Corporation:Al Jones Corporation (, founded in 2012, develops user-friendly games. Headquartered in Phoenix, the team includes artists, graphic designers, musicians, programmers, and a logophile and former talk radio program producer who loves and is passionate about words, lyrics and songs that tell a story. Al Jones Corporation developed Lyrics Guru, the first cross-platform and real-time song lyrics trivia game, where the player receives series of song titles with lists of words and the player must select the correct word which is contained in the lyrics of the song.

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