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    PHOENIX, AZ, USA.  When your childhood hobbies included watching TV word game shows and reading song lyrics on album and cassette jackets, it is likely that a career that blends both would follow.  That is what Al Jones did with Al Jones Corporation, a Phoenix, Arizona based game development business with its core game brand, Lyrics Guru®.  In the game, the player receives series of song titles with lists of words and the player must match the correct word found within the lyrics of the song.

    Jones says, “We have the first-mover advantage in this space.”

    With the mobile app boasting a download total for Android and iOS of 17,000 each and the playing card version now available on the Web sites of Amazon and Wal-Mart, the popular game will broaden its audience to board game and live television production.

    Look for Al Jones Corporation and the Lyrics Guru® brand at the Writing Sessions America Retreat in Atlanta, GA on October 28, 2017, where it invites you to participate in the demonstration of live game play for television game show production.  He says, “We seek to partner and establish licensing agreements with trusted companies such as Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) and Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT), manufacturers of board and card games.  In addition, we seek to partnership with television production companies with an interest in music related game show content.”

    Television production of the game consists of a quiz program in which contestants attempt to win prizes, by matching the correct word found within the lyrics of the song.

    Contestants take turns spinning the wheel to select a category for play; song title and word list are announced; they compete to be the first to press buzzer to guess correct word found within the lyrics of the song; and the winner is first to get eight categories!

    With the rising popularity of music related game shows continuing to illuminate how music has played an integral role in celebrating events in history, Lyrics Guru® further celebrates the role of music with a focus on the words within songs.

    “The primary difference between Lyrics Guru® and other music based game shows in U.S. production is the emphasis on semantic memory recollection of one word within the lyrics of the song and how artistic talent is irrelevant to the contestant’s chances of winning.”

    “I enjoy being a business owner, seeing the rewards of persistence and being a positive example to those interested in starting a game development business.”

    “We have plans to launch a variation of the playing card game where songs are sorted by decades.  The card game also makes a competitive fundraising product alternative to selling candy bars and other perishable items.  Our offer to co-brand and donate 40% of each card deck is gaining traction.”

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